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Cathedral Island

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At the turn of the 8th century a stronghold was built on the Cathedral Island, becoming one of the main centres of the kingdom of the Piast dynasty in the 10th century.
It is the place where the baptism of Poland took place. In 968 the first bishopric in Poland was established there. A cathedral was also built, where the rulers of Poland from the Piast dynasty were buried. The most important moments of the Polish history constitute a part of the history of the Cathedral Island which spans over a thousand years. This is one of the most charming parts of Poznań. With the cathedral dominating the landscape, the small Church of the Holy Virgin Mary, cobblestone streets which replaced ramparts, historical houses of cathedral canons surrounded by gardens, the area constitutes a quiet and peaceful retreat where time seems to pass slower… The most significant historical buildings of the Cathedral Island include: the Cathedral – Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul, the Archbishop’s Palace, Genius Loci Archeological Excavation and Site Area, the Lubrański Academy, the Jordan Bridge.

Schoeps Residence
ul. Kramarska 9 | 61-765 Poznań

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