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A walk from the Śródka Roundabout to the Śródka Market Square takes just a few minutes. That is how one can reach the centre of a little district of Poznań, known as Śródka, which used to be an independent town with a charter granted in the 13th century.
An interesting name of the district comes from the day of the week on which trade fair used to take place there [the name “Śródka derives from the word “środa”, Polish for “Wednesday”]. The Śródka Market Square lost a significant part of its buildings during the war and subsequent construction of the Chwaliszewo Route. The “Śródka Tale with Trumpeter on the Roof and Cat in the Background” mural is not just a collection of random motifs. The smallest, green building is a former slaughterhouse, with a butcher standing at the door. The bugler sitting on the roof is a memory of the Śródka town hall, from which a bugle call used to be played. The dignified rider on horseback represents Władysław Odonic, who granted Śródka its charter. The clearly visible advertisement of Terravita does not fully suit the historical context of the place. It is, however, a reasonable solution in the situation – the owners of the building had signed an advertising contract with the brand so placing the Terravita logo in the mural was better than hanging a billboard that would be an eyesore. Walking down Śródka and Ostrówek streets, we reach building no. 17 with rainwater pipe installation on one of the side walls. It has been designed in such a way that it makes sounds when the rain water flows through it. However, it disturbed the residents of the area, so now it no longer operational. Several metres away there is the Jordan Bridge that was thrown over the Cybina river in 2007. The red span constitutes an element of the Roch Bridge which was awaiting renovation. The span was transported here as a part of a complex logistic task which involved moving the element one kilometre to the north over the Mieszko I Bridge.

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